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A legal site having an aim to provide the world, various principles, and dimensions of law. Here, at Lawyers Lawker, we believe that law could be used as a tool to provide solutions to different problems, emerging in society. We focus on the approach of informing people about every topic related to the legal field, with an attempt to make the person realise that all the subjects, major or minor, has significant importance in the working of the law. Therefore, each issue needs to be addressed properly by the persons, and only then the clear meaning and scope of law can be obtained.

The editorial team of Lawyers Lawker has always strived to provide the legal affairs in a manner to be understood by all the persons, (professional and a layman), so as to fulfil the objectivity enshrined in its name, i.e., a locker of legal knowledge.     


The vision of Lawyers Lawker is to establish the concept of “Socialization of Law”. This idea advocates the possibility of establishing legal provisions into the roots of the society and make the laypersons aware of the ideology of law.

An average person is not very much familiar with the working of the law, hence, often finds himself disrupting its values. Further, due to the lack of legal knowledge, this behaviour does not change.

The awareness of the law is extremely important in any State. It helps in uplifting society. Its consciousness leads to maximize the optimistic approach of the society. This is because laws are based on thoughts given by social thinkers. So, an understanding of law means an understanding of these thoughts.   

Therefore, through the idea of socialisation of law, WE are propagating the importance of legal literacy to every sector and every sphere of Indian society. Because the development of legal literacy is nothing but the development of the nation !


Kshitij Srivastava

Mr. Srivastava is an Advocate providing consultation to individuals, Institutions and NGOs in the areas of Constitutional, Criminal and Contract Law.

He is a qualitative draftsman of commercial contracts and agreements of all other sorts.

He has also been publishing articles and papers on numerous contemporary legal and social issues.

For the past 5 years he has been with Lawyers Lawker as an Honorary Member working in the capacity of Editor and Content Writer.

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